Compiling Fl-Inventor on Windows

Another option for Open Inventor programming on Windows is the Fl-Inventor library. Here’s how I got it to build:

  1. Download the latest version of FLTK 1.1 from At the time of this writing, the latest is
  2. Unzip somewhere convenient, say C:\fltk-1.1.7
  3. Open visualc\fltkdll.dsw with Visual Studio. (I’m using 6.0. If you’re using a later version, your mileage may vary.)
  4. Choose Build, Set Active Configuration… and choose fltkdll - Win32 Release


  1. Choose Build, Build fltkdll.dll.
  2. Download and install an older version of CMake from (The latest version won’t work without change, and the last thing I need to learn is a new build tool.) I used CMSetup14.exe.
  3. Download fliv-1.0.1.tar.gz and oiv_linux_w32-4.tar.gz from Unzip them both into the same place.
  4. Change to C:\fl-inventor and type “cmake .
  5. Back in Visual Studio, open FLINV_ALL.dsw
  6. Set the Active Project Configuration to “ALL_BUILD - Win32 Release”.


  1. Choose Project, Settings…. Settings For: should be set to “Win32 Release”, and all sub-projects should be selected.
  2. Holding down the Ctrl key, de-select ALL_BUILD. Some more tabs should appear to the right. Select the C++ tab, and change Category: to “Preprocessor”. Under Additional include directories:, add C:\fltk-1.1.7.


  1. Holding down the Ctrl key again, de-select FL, FreeType2, and Jpeg. A Link tab should appear to the right. Select it and Change the Category: to “Input”. Under Additional library path:, add C:\fltk-1.1.7\test. Click Ok


  1. Choose Build, Build. The build will take several minutes.
  2. Exit Visual Studio. You should be able to run the example programs from C:\fl-inventor\install\bin

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