Open Inventor on Windows

The Open Source version of SGI Open Inventor is Linux-specific, and while it probably ports easily enough to other UNIX platforms, it doesn’t look like a very attractive option for Windows.

If you want to do Open Inventor programming on Windows, the options seem to be:

  1. TGS Open Inventor, a commercial product
  2. Coin3D, a GPL clone of Open Inventor
  3. a Win32 port of the Open Source SGI Open Inventor that requires the SoQt library from Coin3D

Coin3D is probably the best choice, but it seems to include only the OI libraries, not the OI command-line tools like ivview and ivnorm.

Alternatively, the Win32 port of Open Inventor does incldue pre-compiled DLLs of Inventor, but not of the SoQt library or command-line tools.

I’m honestly not sure what the best solution is. I’ll post some instructions when I come up with something.

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