OpenGL Bindings

Things have come a long way since the last time I went looking for OpenGL bindings. While scripting languages have always tended to have them (e.g., Perl, Python, Ruby, Lua, Io, even PHP — yikes!), bindings for “industrial-strength” languages have always seemed to lag behind.

Instead of the panoply of Java bindings that held sway in the early years, sanity finally seems to have taken hold in the form of semi-official JOGL project. Heck, they even have a JSR.

Over in the proprietary, closed-source, Windows-only, Microsoft-owned world of C# (can you tell I’m biased? And don’t tell me about CsGL (old and busted)

  • Tao (new hotness)
  • C# OpenGL Framework (commercial, but there is a “Basic” edition)
  • SharpGL
  • Roll your own
  • As with all things Lisp-y, OpenGL support is pretty fragmented. Whether there is an OpenGL binding, how well it works, and whether you get get any help if it doesn’t is largely dependent on which Lisp you’re using. You may be better off with Scheme, where the Sgl library for PLT Scheme appears to be officially supported.

    When it comes to getting all this set up, though, as I said earlier, you’re on your own.

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