New taglines

Apparently it’s some sort of law that every weblog must have a tagline. For a very long time mine was “UNIX, Perl, and short fuse”. No, it wasn’t great, but it was fairly descriptive and it was the best I could come up with.

Last year, as I was writing some example code for a class, I changed it to “UNIX, Perl, Python, and a short fuse.” For a brief time I considered adding PHP, or even “Languages starting with ‘P’”. Of course, I’ve been programming in all three for several years, but c’mon — it’s just not exciting. And despite my recent experience at work, I absolutely refuse to add VBScript to the list.

Finally, I decided I needed something brand new, and a bit more clever. I racked my brain, but c’mon, I’m a Computer Scientist, not a writer.

But then it hit me: the best taglines in the world come from the greatest comic strip in the world, Red Meat. So I’m stealing ‘em.

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